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We are NOT accepting CRT TVs and Monitors (the older tube-type)
We are sorry for the inconvenience.
This does NOT include flatscreen TV’s and Monitors.
Yellowstone E-Waste Solutions - What We Accept
This list is not all inclusive, nor is it an agreement to accept any of the below listed items. This is a guideline that is subject to change and special circumstances may dictate a change in this policy.
Revised: 8/11/2019
Accepted Items Fax Machines Paper Shredders Non-Accepted Items
Alarm Clocks Flatscreen Monitors PC Parts & Pieces Air Conditioners
Answering Machines Game Consoles PC’s Alkaline
Non-Rechargeable Batteries
Sm. Bathroom Appliances (hairdryer, iron, etc) Game Controllers PDA’s Antifreeze
Boomboxes Hard Drives Power Strips Cardboard
Cable boxes Home Stereo Speakers Rechargeable Batteries (NiCad, NiMH, Li-Ion, Lead Acid) CFL Bulbs
Cables & Cords Home Stereos Record Player/Turntables Console TV’s
Calculators Hubs Routers CRT Monitors
Cameras Ink & Toner Satellite Receivers CRT TV’s
Car Batteries Inkjet Printers Scanners Exercise Equipment
Car Stereos iPods, iPads, iPhones Servers Glass
CD Players Joysticks Speakers Large Musical Instruments
Cell Phones Keyboards Stereo/Home Receivers Large/Major Appliances
Clock Radios Kindles/Nooks (eReaders) Subwoofers Light Bulbs
Copier Combos Sm. Kitchen Appliances (microwave, blenders, etc) Surge Protectors Lithium Primary Batteries
Computer Speakers Laptop Computers Tablets Old Thermostats
(Mercury Containing)
Computer Towers Laptop Docking Stations Trackballs Ovens
Conferencing Equipment Laser Printers Telephones (Any type) Paint
Cordless Telephones Loose Circuit Boards TV’s (LCD, LED, flatscreen) PCB Ballasts
CPU’s Mice Typewriters Plastic
Data Switches Microwave Ovens UPS Power Supplies Projection TV’s
Desktop Copiers Modems (Cable & Standard) Vacuum Cleaners Refrigerators
Dot Matrix Printers Monitors (LED, LCD, flatscreen only) VCR/DVD Combos Smoke Detectors
Drives (CD Rom, Floppy, etc) Movie/Slide Projects VCRs Tires
DVD Players MP3 Players Video Cameras Wet-Cell NiCad Batteries

What we do NOT accept:

  • Currently NOT accepting CRT TVs or Monitors (the old tube type )
  • Major appliances such as stoves, washers, dryers, and dishwashers.
  • Household and kitchen appliances
  • Anything with Freon: air conditioners and refrigerators
  • Alkaline batteries
  • Light Bulbs or Fluorescent Tubes
  • Paint, antifreeze, or oil

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Information on where you can dispose of the items we don’t accept:

  • Major appliances can be taken to a local scrap recycler such as Golden (Schnitzer) Steel & Recycling at: their address
  • Items with Freon can be taken to the Billings landfill to be drained and recycled. (fee applies)
  • Would you like your traditional recyclables (cans, paper, plastic bottles) PICKED UP from your curbside each week? Get ahold of Earth First Aid – they have an awesome program. For more information, click here.
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